Hello, I’m Rodgers!

A Software Engineer from Homabay Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪. I love using, designing and building software, with experience in back-end web system design and architecture, general scripting, some systems programming, front-end web and mobile. I often use Python, Go and Dart for my projects, but also a lil’ bit of everything.

During my spare time, I read stuff on the Internet, to see what everyone else is doing, and how they’re doing it. I also like to go on bike (read bicycle 😅) rides, when not catching up on my watch-list.

For projects, drop me an email at mSPAM PROTECTe@makaSPAM PROTECTlila.dev or shoot me a Telegram @makalila. You can also find me on Twitter @mc_alila.

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